Importance Of Iron For Our Body & Foods Rich In Iron


To achieve all the goals, it is very important to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. To make them healthy, there are many different methods. The best method is to provide every necessary mineral and nutrient to the body. Iron is a nutrient that is very important in making both body and mind healthy.

What is the main role of iron in our body?
Iron is a necessary element for our body. It is responsible for healthy blood production and more than 70% of the body’s iron contents are present in the form of blood. It is used for making the hemoglobin in the red blood cells of your body. In muscles, the iron is present in the form of myoglobin.

The functionality of iron is not only limited to the production of blood or the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. Another very essential function is to transfer oxygen to all parts of the body. Every part of the body requires an adequate supply of oxygen to function properly. Iron helps our body in this matter.

What is iron deficiency?
This is a disease that is caused when the intake of iron in your diet is not enough. This causes the body to lack a healthy number of red blood cells. This causes different problems like difficulty in performing, dullness, and laziness. This is a very common problem in kids and adults because they are not taking enough iron in their diet.

In younger athletes and pregnant women, this problem is also found because in both cases, they require more iron to have proper and active functionality of their body.

Why is iron a necessary thing for our body?
A human body goes through many different phases. It starts as an embryo and till death, iron is very important for its body.

  • When an embryo is under development, it requires different minerals and nutrients to make the body parts. If the mother has iron deficiency the baby could be born at the wrong time. It can be smaller and weaker than the average baby.
  • In a kid’s life, it is very important to have efficient iron in their body. This is because this is the time of brain development and learning phase of life.
  • In young and middle-aged people, iron is important because this is the time of hard work and iron deficiency can be a great hurdle at this stage of life.
  • In old age, iron is very important because it will prevent the body against many diseases and weakness in the body.

Importance of Iron for our body:
As it provides oxygen to all the parts of the body through proper blood supply, it is very important for the body. Here are some other factors that show us the importance of iron in our body.

Increased strength and energy of your body
Iron is a vital part required for the production of blood, proteins, and hormones in our body. The proteins made from muscles in our body. When the muscles are properly made, they get power and strength by the proper supply of blood and oxygen in them. This is the responsibility of iron.

In this way, iron makes the body stronger. The adequate supply of oxygen the muscles assist them in performing well. Here, iron is providing this to muscles. So, it can be considered that iron is necessary for a healthy, strong, and energetic body.

Better stamina and agility
This is a very common problem found in people with iron deficiency problems. They are very prone to lose stamina and agility very quickly. This is because the amount of hemoglobin in their body is not enough. Whenever they participate in any activity, their muscles are not provided an adequate amount of oxygen through the blood.

Due to this, their body tends to lose its stamina only after a few seconds or minutes of heavy activity. The same thing goes true for the agility of their body. The amount of hemoglobin is not enough that’s why necessary oxygen is lacking. This is the reason why people with iron deficiency lack good stamina and agility.

Better skin, hair, and nails
Iron not only works directly on your body, sometimes it works like a catalyst. For skin, iron is very beneficial because it can make your skin glow by activating the vitamin B in your body. If you have iron deficiency, there are good chances that your hair will become rough, thin, and weak. Iron can help to make them healthy.

Nails also become brittle and easily breakable when the person is not taking proper iron in their diet. Iron can also help to make your nails better.

Healthy pregnancy term
Iron is a very important element for women when they are expecting. This is because this is the time when they need to take enough minerals and nutrients for themselves and the baby. As the baby is in the development process, it requires a sufficient supply of all the minerals and nutrients. That is why women are told to eat an iron-rich diet.

In some cases, the mother is also prescribed with iron supplements because this fulfills the iron deficiency in their body.

Some fruits that can help you to increase your iron intake:

Apricots (dried)
Dried apricots are a great source of iron because 100 grams of dried apricots have almost 2.7 mg of iron. Other than that, these are also very high in fibers that make them good for better digestion. The best way to eat dried apricots is by eating them with something that has vitamin C.

Some benefits of the dried apricots are:

  • Better iron intake.
  • Better fiber intake.
  • Good for decreasing cholesterol levels in your body.

There are many types of berries that you can eat to improve your iron intake. Though these berries have a very low iron content that is 0.3 mg in 100 grams. They are still very good for our body because they have vitamin C that increases the cellular iron absorption properties in your body. This automatically increases the iron intake of your body.

Dates are also a very interesting source of iron. This is because they are very rich in other nutrients as well. This makes them the perfect energy booster. 100 grams of dates have almost 4.7 mg of iron. Other than these dates are very rich in antioxidants, fiber, and many other minerals and nutrients.

Prunes are very rich in iron as 100 grams of prunes contain almost 3.52 mg iron. These can be the best addition to the morning cereals. They are very good for digestion because they are rich in fibers. Other than this, prunes also contain vitamin B and K, potassium, and calcium.

Pomegranates are the best for removing iron deficiency from your body. The pulp is good, but the seeds are also very efficient for the purpose. Pomegranates are also very rich in Vitamin A, C, and E. Vitamin C increases cell iron-absorbing efficiency so pomegranates are very good for dealing with iron deficiency. They also contain folic acid.

Watermelon is not very rich in iron, but vitamin C contents of watermelon can help your body to fight against iron deficiency. It is a very good snack and it can be added to fruit salads. Being very juice, it also provides enough hydration for your body.

Some vegetables to increase your daily iron intake such as:

Cabbage is a vegetable that is rich in iron. Other than being rich in iron, this is also very attractive for the people who want to live a healthy life. This is because it can be added to different foods like soup, salads, sandwiches. In one cup of cooked cabbage, there is almost 1.4 mg of iron.

Peas are a good source of iron; they are also good because they contain proteins. They are also a very good source of carbs, potassium, fibers, and other plant compounds. One reason for peas being on this list is that you can add them to almost any salad or food.

An unpeeled potato is very rich in iron. There is almost 3.2 mg of iron that is mostly concentrated in the peel of potato. Other than iron, potatoes are also a great source of fiber that helps indigestion.

1 cup of soybeans contains 8.8 mg of iron, this makes them very rich in iron. They are also good because they can be added to salads and curries. They are also highly packed with proteins.

Spinach has 2.7 mg of iron in 100 grams in raw form. This leafy green is a great item to fulfill the iron needs of your body because it is easily available and can be eaten in many different forms.

The concentrated form of tomato contains a good amount of iron. Half cup of tomato paste has 3.9 mg of iron contents. This can be eaten in many ways that makes it very helpful for treating iron deficiency.

Final Thoughts
For an active and healthy body, it is very important to have enough intake of all the necessary minerals and nutrients. Iron is also a very important nutrient as it is responsible for the transfer of oxygen. Some fruits and vegetables were mentioned above that can help you in dealing with the iron deficiency of your body.