How to Put on Healthy Muscle Mass and Build Strength?

Build muscles and strength

Trying to figure out how to build muscle mass and how to gain muscle strength? Just eat the right foods and do the appropriate exercises. Eating the foods and doing the workouts below will certainly enable you to naturally grow as huge as a professional bodybuilder or wrestler or any other guy whose muscles and strength you admire a great deal.

Essential foods for building lean muscles and strength:

1. Lean Beef: For meat-eaters, developing that highly sought after V-shape upper body characterized by bulging biceps, triceps and abs not to mention larger shoulder and back muscles of course with a proportionate lower body involves eating lean beef. This high-quality beef is highly proteinous. Therefore, by eating about four portions of it per week and doing the right exercises to build muscle strength, you are sure to get muscular and strong.

2. Salmon: Though many people eat this yummy fish largely because it tastes great, what you may not know is that salmon is a fantastic bodybuilding and strength generating delicacy. This freshwater cum saltwater fish, not only is an excellent source of the primary muscle-building nutrient protein, but it is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which promote a healthy workout. After all, these fatty acids are great for normal heart rhythm you badly need when performing various exercises to build muscle strength.

3. Eggs: Eggs are often underestimated by many but fitness professionals and aficionados know their immense value when it comes to foods that can help you build lean muscles and get that desirable body structure. These poultry products contain more high-quality protein than many foods you probably fancy out there.

Make sure your diet does not lack at least three to four servings of eggs per week. However, you want to focus on the yolk because that’s where the majority of egg nutrients including protein are found.

4. Chicken breast: What’s your favorite dish? Chicken breast? If yes, and you happen to be working on gaining a healthy muscle mass and strength, then this delicacy should be an important part of your diet. Chicken breast meat contains the perfect amount of calories you need for physical fitness energy. Besides, this delicious white meat contains the best type of protein you need to build muscle mass and have that much sort after body structure.

Chicken breast comes in various forms including skinned and boned chicken breasts as well as skinless and boneless C.Bs. Notwithstanding all, skinless, boneless chicken breast meat is the best option, taking nutrient quality and levels into account.

5. Soybeans: So you are a vegetarian who does not have anything to do with meats, poultry, and other animal products professionals keep telling you are the best foods for gaining lean muscle mass and overall strength? Nevermind, there are many alternative foods including soybeans you can eat to develop those biceps and triceps not to mention abs, as well as shoulder muscles and back muscles just like your meat devouring counterparts.

Soybeans are a great source of three incredible nutrients that are key for lean muscle mass building and muscle strength. The nutrients are namely; protein(great for muscle building) as well as carbohydrates and fat(useful for energy generation and muscle strength).

With that in mind, you have some great reasons to make soybeans a vital part of your muscle mass and strength diet. I think eating the legumes at least three times a week would be a great idea.

6. Greek Yogurt: Drinking at least two cups of Greek yogurt daily i.e. one cup in the morning and one cup after dinner just before you go to bed can be a great way to build muscle mass. This yogurt serves as a rich source for protein you need to achieve your muscle gain goals. And if you want to be strong, you won’t go wrong consuming it with high-quality energy giving food like brown rice or fruit such as a banana. The high calcium level present in it in conjunction with the high amounts of carbs found in the energy giving food and fruit mentioned above will boost your muscle strength and bone strength.

7. Cottage Cheese: Made from skimmed milk curds, this is a luscious food that experts recommend for building muscle mass. Higher in protein than other foods in its category, cottage cheese can greatly transform your body into lean, healthy muscle especially if you complement it with the appropriate exercise to build muscle. There are many lean muscle and muscle strength-building exercises you can do at home to achieve your muscle and strength goals. You’ll discover some of them in a bit.

8. Beans: Another perfect option for vegetarians who would like to put on healthy muscle mass and build strength is beans. That’s because apart from being delicious, filling and versatile enough to pair with a whole lot of other foods, these legumes are readily available in grocery stores and quite affordable.

Are all beans worth consuming for healthy muscle mass and strength? The best varieties of beans for these healthy goals are kidney beans, pinto beans, and black beans as they contain higher amounts of protein(essential for muscle mass) and carbs(responsible for energy generation) than the rest.

9. Peanuts: What comes to your mind when somebody talks about foods for building muscle mass and strength? My bet is peanuts, milk, bananas, lean beef, among others! Correct? At least for many, these are the foods they picture on their minds and they couldn’t be more right.

Just like other foods above, peanuts are high in protein, which is vital for building and repairing muscles. Apart from that, these nuts deliver high but not unhealthy amounts of calories you need for the extra amount of energy necessary when doing exercises to build muscle strength.

You can take peanuts virtually in endless ways such as including them in your breakfast or substituting them for your daily snacks. Additionally, you can also add them to your lunch or dinner main courses for a more delicious, filling, and nutritious nourishing experience.

10. Milk: The diet you follow to achieve lean and powerful muscles cannot miss milk. This primary dairy product has the ideal balance of nutrition for muscle growth, strength, and repair after each intense exercise to achieve that desired body structure. With that said, drinking at least two glasses of milk a day can see attain your lean muscle mass and strength goals.

Some exercises to include in your workout for building muscle and strength:

1. Basic press-ups: Press-ups are simple but yet so effective for biceps, triceps, abs, shoulder muscles and back muscles building. You can do 10 of them daily; 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening just before you step out for a stroll. Don’t be in a rush to do many press-ups at once like your friends who have been training for ages. It’s best to start low and graduate to higher numbers of press-ups over time.

2. Barbell bench press: Barbell bench presses will certainly build your muscles and strengthen the muscles of your upper body. To do a BBP, lie on a flat bench, spread your arms with your palms open wide. Then have someone help place the barbell on to your palms just beneath your upper chest. Thereafter, lift the upwards until your arms are fully stretched before bringing it down gently until almost touching your skin. Repeat this step until your arms are exhausted and you can’t lift anymore.

3. Basic pull-up bar exercise: Just like press-ups, this exercise will help you build nice, lean, and strong muscles in your shoulder, chest, and arms area. It gives you cute biceps, triceps, abs, shoulder muscles as well as upper back muscles. A pull-up bar exercise also builds and strengthens your forelimbs, making them look proportionate to your large upper body.

To do some basic pull-up bar workouts, grab the bar with your palms facing you. Pull yourself up until your chin is level with the bar, then lower yourself slowly until you return to the original position. Repeat this step to do as many sets as you can.

4. Frog jumps: Frog jumps are good for growing and strengthening the muscles found in the lower part of your body i.e waist downwards. Beginning in a standing position, squat slowly until your thighs are parallel to the ground, keeping your hands out in front of you. Try not to use your hands for balance either. Next, spring up into the air, throwing your hands up, before landing as gently as possible. Do as many frog jumps as you can per training session.

5. Double-banded pull-throughs: This exercise builds and strengthens muscles from your waist downwards, enabling your lower body to be proportionate to your upper body. To do a few reps, attach a resistance band low to the ground behind you. Standing in front of the band, making sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and the band is just above your knees, push your legs slightly apart to prevent your knees from caving in and actively maintain tension in the band. Hinging forward at the hips and pushing your waist back as you bend your knees, reach down and grab the long band between your legs. This should create a stretch-like feeling in your glutes and hamstrings. Keeping your chest upwards and back flat as you stand back up, drive your hips forward, squeezing your glutes at the top to complete 1 rep. Do 9 more reps.

Final Thoughts:

You don’t need to have a certain physique or body structure to be able to build muscle mass and become strong. Eating simple day to day foods like lean beef, chicken breast, and peanuts just to mention but a few, plus doing very simple exercises including but not limited to press-ups and frog jumps is all it takes to achieve your muscle mass and strength goals.