How to Lose Weight Safely?

Lose weight

Which are the safest ways to lose weight? Well, although several people prefer surgical procedures as the easiest way to lose weight, we cannot ignore that this may cause some health complications or even cost your life. On the other hand, there are more natural methods that you can adopt to aid you in weight loss. Although these methods may take some time, trust me, the process is worth undergoing.

Well, which are the best ways to lose weight safely? In this article, we will discuss the top best ways to lose weight without necessarily undergoing surgical processes safely.

1. Reduce the calorie intake

One of the biggest rules to fitness is that you should not eat more calories than your body can burn. This means that if you are inactive such that; you spend a lot of time seated in an office or engages in fewer activities per day, your calorie intake should be lower than someone who works in manual jobs or workout at the gym. Calories are essential for the body since they provide enough energy so we can be able to carry out our day to day activities.

But, if you consume excessive calories, they are stored in the form of fat in the body for future use. This means that if you are inactive and the calories are not burnt efficiently in the body, it leads to a high cumulative of fats leading to weight gain. So, consume the only calories that your body needs, and engage in physical activities to aid in burning the extra calories.

2. Eat foods less in carbohydrates

Foods that have a high content of carbs have a high number of calories. Although you may not gain weight instantly when you consume the foods with high levels of carbs, constant eating of such food increases weight gain without even noticing. So, cut down the number of carbohydrates you take in your meals or just invest in keto diets.

What are keto diets?

The keto diets, also referred to as ketogenic diets are the meal plans with a high content of healthy fats, proteins, and low to none content of carbs. This meal aims to reduce the number of calories you consume, and; thus, the body has to burn the stored fats in the body to produce the energy you require for day to day activities. The keto diets have worked for some people who drastically lost weight within a short period. An example of a keto diet may consist of boiled eggs, avocado salad, and pan-roasted red meat.

3. Consider the paleo diets

Paleo diets are closely related to the keto diets because they advocate for the low carbs consumption. Some of the meals incorporated in paleo diets include;

  • Fish meats that are rich in healthy fats and omega-three acids
  • Eggs
  • Seeds from sunflower and pumpkin
  • Nuts and even fruits.

Paleo diets also recommend high consumption of vegetables to add the right nutrients to the body. When preparing the paleo diets, use natural cooking oils like the grass-fed cow butter. One thing to note though is that both keto and paleo diets cannot provide fast and effective weight results alone, and thus, make sure to incorporate the following tip we are going to discuss below.

4. Workout out

Do you want to achieve a lean and sexy body as you lose weight? Well, incorporate workouts in your weight loss journey. Working out helps to facilitate weight loss and maintain a fit body after losing weight as well. The cardio helps increase the metabolism in the body, resulting in quick and vigorous burning off the extra fats stored in the body. The extra fats are excreted from the body through sweating.

You don’t need to break your bank account to enroll in a gym if you can’t afford one. Improvise your workout equipment at home, and use other natural workout modes like running, walking upstairs, and lifting cans filled with water. If you can afford a trainer, well and good! Get a good trainer who will guide you and assist you to snap back to your right weight. Other workouts you can use to tone and facilitate fats weight loss are;

  • Squats
  • Press-ups
  • Lunges
  • Skipping rope and walking to work

5. Eat foods rich in proteins

Eating foods that are high in protein can facilitate a quick and safe way of losing weight. Proteins stay for long before being digested in the body, which, in return, causes one to remain full for a long time; thus, cutting short the number of calories you consume per day. You should consume high protein breakfast to be able to regulate the eating mode in the day.

Protein foods reduce the cravings of food, a great way to reduce calorie intake. Also, keep in mind that proteins provide the body with energy. The most recommendable proteins to add in meals are:

  • Eggs
  • Organic Meats
  • Legumes like beans and peas, and seafood among others

6. Drink water before every meal

Water is a crucial part of our life as it keeps our bodies hydrated and improves the digestion process in the body. Other than this, drinking water 15 to 30 minutes before having your meals can increase weight loss with up to 44 percent. This is because waters fill up the stomach leaving only a small space for food.

Thus, you end up eating less food than expected. Besides, water has zero calories, which means that you can take as much water as possible. Ensure to drink at least eight to9 glasses of water per day for a good looking skin.

7. Avoid refined and sugary foods

Foods that are rich in sugars and refined fats are deadly when it comes to weight gain. Too much sugar in the body is converted and stored as fats in major body parts like the hips, waist, and arms. Such foods also increase appetite making you eat more than expected. Thus, if possible, avoid sugary foods and sweetened drinks.

Supplement such snacks with more healthy ones. For example, instead of adding sugar in your tea or coffee, use natural sugars like honey. Instead of eating crisps, for snacks, consider having an apple, carrot, or nuts.

8. Choose weight friendly foods

The weight friendly foods are the type of foods that have high levels of nutrients and fewer calories. These types of foods control calorie intake, which reduces fat storage in the body. Such foods include;

  • Whole eggs
  • Green leafy vegetables: You can make smoothies or prepare salads using green vegetables.
  • Salmon: Salmon is one of the richest fish with nutrients and omega acids. This type of fish provides the body with great fats and nutrients while controlling eating by keeping you fuller for long hours. The salmon has nutrient iodine which is essential for maintaining a good metabolism.
  • Avocados: You can add avocados to your smoothies or when preparing your smoothies.

9. Eat slowly

Well, it may shock some people, but eating slowly can aid in weight loss. This method helps control the amount of food you eat since you can easily gauge your stomach when full, unlike when you eat faster. Eating food slowly helps to get the food fully ingested and gives the food time to be digested well. Research shows that eating slowly boosts the body’s metabolism hormones for a good and fast digestion process. So, take the time to chew your food and take a few seconds before biting more food.

10. Control your portion intake

Instead of eating a lot of food, try and divide the meals at four different intervals in a day. Eating in batches helps control the amount of food you eat in a day than eating when you get hungry. However, make sure to incorporate healthy meals into your four meals.

11. Snack often

Snacking in between your meals is another excellent way to lose weight safely as it contributes to low-calorie consumption in a day. Don’t just eat any snacks since some may facilitate weight gain instead. Some of the best snacks to eat include;

  • Apples
  • Nuts
  • Salads
  • Natural yogurt and smoothies

12. Drink coffee

Although too much coffee is not recommendable due to the high caffeine it adds to the body, taking at least three cups of coffee in a day can aid in weight loss. The coffee increases the rate of metabolism in the body, which results in more calories burning. Don’t add sugar to your coffee for more effective results.


It is easy and possible to lose weight safely without necessarily undergoing surgery. These 12 methods are some of the top best ways that you can use. The weight loss journey includes eating right and remaining active as well. Sleeping well at night can help you since the metabolism takes place faster and better. Avoid stress, especially if you are a stress eater, and instead, find ways to deal with stress such as counseling or meditation.