Foods And Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Unhealthy Foods

Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is very important particularly in today’s modern lifestyle, when people don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy meal. Eating junk and canned food not only exacerbates the problem of weight gain but brings with it many other health problems.

Eating sugary, starchy and processed foods leads to several health problems including high blood pressure, hormonal problems, abnormal functioning of internal organs among others. So care should be taken on what we eat and drink everyday.

Below are some of the foods and eating habits which should be avoided at all costs, as they lead you to put on extra weight, which then leads to a multitude of other health problems.

What foods you need to avoid?

1) Unhealthy fast foods: Fast foods, especially meats go through processes which essentially kill most of the nutrients and become a host for unhealthy fats, carbs and even some chemicals. It’s better to avoid most fast foods, they make you fatter everyday without you even noticing sometimes.

2) Soda and other canned drinks including fruit juices: These drinks come loaded with too much sugar, which is the root cause of many health problems. Even the fruit juice industry, fools you by marketing fruit juices filled with sugar and chemical preservatives. These must be avoided at all cost.

3) Ice cream and candy: Another unhealthy foods you need to watch out for. It’s quite understandable to have a sweet tooth but getting addicted to foods such as ice cream and candy, is quite harmful for us. These are full of sugar and unhealthy fats. It’s best to just enjoy them occasionally instead of making them a habit.

4) Sweetened Coffee: Coffee in moderate quantities are quite beneficial to keeping our body systems performing optimally. But coffee that is marketed as sweet, often contains a load of unhealthy sugar mixed with it. Just like soda and other unhealthy drinks, sweetened coffee can quickly make you fat.

5) Potato chips, fries and potatoes in general: Potatoes are high in carbs, which our body breaks down into glucose. Some of which is used by our body instantly, while much of it is deposited as fat over our body. Potato dishes must be mixed in with other healthy vegetables so as to balance out the unwanted effects.

6) Sweetened chocolates: Just like candy, sweetened chocolates must be avoided as these are loaded with unhealthy amount of sugar and other unhealthy fats.

7) Donuts: Another category of artificially sweetened foods, donuts maybe popular among people of most ages. But they are full of unhealthy stuff including processed sugars, unhealthy fats and preservatives. Chomping on them everyday for snack is quite detrimental for our body and are the cause of unhealthy weight gain.

8) Sweetened peanut butter: A healthy food when it’s unsweetened, but there are many sweetened brands of peanut butter available in market which people falsely think are harmless. Only buy peanut butter with no added sugar.

9) Unhealthy cereals: Over time, people have come to realize that cereals are not very healthy. For one, they have high corn and corn syrup content with some cereals having high sugar. Second, they also lack fiber so having them for breakfast is not very filling and doesn’t satisfy our hunger.

10) Fruit preserves (Jams): Keep in mind the next time, you’re using fruit preserves for the spread on your bread. Many commercial brands are loaded up with extra sugar to make them taste sweeter.

What eating and lifestyle habits cause unhealthy weight gain?

1) Eating foods that make you gain weight, as mentioned above. The list above only gives you some unhealthy foods that should be avoided, but serves as a good baseline for you to avoid other foods like them.

2) Over-eating: Obvious as it is, over-eating even healthy foods don’t always end up as beneficial to our health. If you’re overeating unhealthy foods then you have made sure that even exercise would not make you lose that unhealthy weight.

3) Binge eating: Almost as harmful as overeating, binge eating is a real bad habit which many people are unaware of. Chomping on candy or other unhealthy snacks will no doubt make you fatter, even if you take a balanced diet which will count to nothing in the end.

4) Not drinking enough water or fresh fruit juices: Healthy liquids are an essential component of a good dieting habit. While on the other hand, not consuming enough water or fresh fruit juices causes a whole lot of other problems. One of which is putting on extra weight.

5) Unhealthy cooking: Cooking foods in a way that is beneficial to our health, is almost as important eating healthy foods in the first place. Healthy foods when prepared in an unhealthy way or unhealthy oil/fat lose most of their nutrients and value. Make sure to always use healthy cooking oils for preparing meals.

6) Adding too much salt or sugar to your food or drinks: Both salt and sugar when taken in excess are quite harmful for our body. Another harm of having too much of them, also makes food taste better for our taste buds, which can cause us to over eat or even get addicted to them.

7) Choosing large serving or plates: When you opt for large serving of your favorite delicious meal, you’re bound to over eat and unknowingly increase your calorie intake. So instead opt for smaller servings of your favorite meals.

8) Eating while talking or watching TV: This is a very bad habit, not known by many people especially here in the west. We gather around for family dinners but talk continuously while eating or eat while watching TV. This is very unhealthy practice as foods needs to be properly chewed and gulped for it to be properly digested and assimilated. Also when our brain is distracted, it doesn’t quite help with secretion of digestive stomach juices, which break down our food and make it easy for digestion.

9) Order Combo meals or dine at buffet: When you choose an ‘eat all you can’ buffet, you have guaranteed yourself that you will become overweight in short time of a month. These buffet make you eat more, than your daily calorie requirements as you feel like you’re taking advantage of their deal.

10) You have a sedentary lifestyle: It’s understandable many people work in offices sitting on chairs all day, which only worsens the weight gain problem. This problem compounds even more if you don’t eat healthy or don’t exercise to burn unwanted calories.

11) You don’t exercise enough: We don’t mean that you get a gym membership and then go all out on hardcore workouts. But not putting our body to enough physical activity results in putting on extra fat, that stays there and isn’t lost if you have a sedentary lifestyle.

Taking care of our body ultimately is our own responsibility, nobody out of the blue will become our personal diet coach for free. It’s understandable that people these days have less and less of time to commit to daily fitness activities. But our health is something which should be our top priority.

Avoiding unhealthy foods and unhealthy eating practices, not only ensures that we are avoiding intake of unhealthy fats and calories but also help immensely when combined with some exercise program even as easy as walking, running or cycling. A well balanced, healthy diet and proper exercise routine every day can work wonders for everyone.